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So what’s it to be? Do you fancy resurrecting the career of one of the most fabled thieves in gaming history? Or do you want to take a fancy crew out of prison and back into the big time? Is multiplayer more of your thing? These games have all that and more.

Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V Game

This seems like a sensible place to start. Grand Theft Auto V is the latest in Rockstar North’s record-breaking and market-leading series. Featuring a massive city that’s yours to explore – intertwined with a compelling story revolving around assassinations, heists and personal redemption, GTA V should be one of your first stops on your bank robbing adventure.

You’ll get to plan out heists, make choices between crew members, train them up and probably lose some along the way. Each heist requires a couple of preparation missions to ensure you have all the tools and getaway vehicles you need and take place across a couple of stages. You’ll be casing places, breaking in and subduing security before frantically looting within a limited timeframe.

GTA V features some of the best heist jobs found in gaming, although they are not the main emphasis of the game and they are spread sporadically through the missions. If you enjoy the single player heists, step into the online mode where there are many more available – even with multiplayer.

The aforementioned multiplayer mode is still jam-packed with players and, despite the nature of GTA V, most of them are fairly helpful when it comes to helping people get started in their new heisting career. A couple of drawbacks worth mentioning, though: expect to be well behind everyone else at this stage in terms of money and available equipment. Also, do be on the lookout for members of the community who don’t have patience for new players – especially if you leave voice chat turned on.

Battlefield: HardlineBattlefield Hardline Game

Often seen as Battlefield 4’s unlike cousin, Battlefield: Hardline does have an advantage for people looking for a more heist or bank robbery-themed experience – it’s built specifically around the idea of criminals vs police.

Featuring the same great gameplay from Battlefield 4, Hardline features a number of game modes that should fit your bank robbing needs. ‘Heist’ mode actually has the criminal team breaking into a vault or armoured car, stealing the money contained within and scarpering back to their extraction point. You’ll be playing against the police team, who will be trying everything in their power to stop you from escaping with the cash.

The other mode that might be of interest is called ‘blood money’. Here, both teams are attempting to steal cash from a contain that’s been dropped in the middle of the map. You can also steal money that other players are attempting to take back to their drop-off point. The first time to deposit a total of $5 million wins.

Despite the common opinion that the game isn’t in a particularly good place and was a weird release in the first place, there are still more than enough people playing it on PC to get matched in games – although you might have a hard time finding games that aren’t deathmatch if you’re not playing at peak times. Take a look at Origin’s Access program for a better deal on Battlefield: Hardline rather than buying it outright.

Battlefield: Hardline - Robbery ExpansionBattlefield Hardline Robbery Expansion Game

If you do get into Battlefield: Hardline, you might want to check out the Robbery expansion pack. Not only does it give you four new maps to play on, making it easier for you to find servers to play on – but it also adds to the bank robbery theme.

In particular, the mode ‘squad heist’ that was added brings a five-vs-five game mode to the proceedings. Here, the aim for the criminal side is to plan and execute a precision heist while the police team try to figure out how they’re going to do it and stop them. These smaller game modes are the strength of Battlefield: Hardline and they help to set it apart from Battlefield 4’s much preferred large-scale, open warfare.

Of the new maps added, one stands out – The Museum. This brilliantly designed level features pockets of small rooms each with their own themes, ranging from Ancient Egyptian to prehistoric fossils. The highlight is the Jurassic Park homage; a massive dinosaur skeleton that can be blown up.

Monaco: What’s Yours is MineMonaco Game

A change of pace now. Stepping away from massively-budgeted AAA games, I suggest Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. This real-time, strategic heist game is more about planning ahead than charging in all guns blazing.

Operating from a top-down point of view, this stylish game combines Prison Architect’s almost blueprint-like rendering or buildings with a more colourful and eye-catching aesthetic.

Starting off as a character called ‘The Locksmith’, you first need to get out of the prison that you’re currently serving time in. Also locked up are your future crew members. The end goal? Heist your way to enough cash to escape to the relative safety of Beirut.

There are over thirty levels to work your way through, starting off simple enough to get you into it before ramping up the difficulty mercilessly. While you can use brute force to get out of some sticky situations, relying on it will only result in failure, especially with the limited supply of ammo available.

One of Monaco’s greatest strengths is that it doesn’t just force you to complete levels in one way. It’s very flexible when it comes to allowing different approaches and tactics to work. That’s not to say that there aren’t optimal methods – it just means that you can employ your own ingenuity and not necessarily be punished for doing so.

There’s also a multiplayer coop mode available – only recommended if you have a strong friendship!

Wrapping Up

That’s it for our brief roundup of bank robbery-themed games. Do you have any recommendations for our list? Let us know in the comments below!