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The Heist 2 Game

JohnnyTwoShoes released the follow up to The Heist, the imaginatively titled The Heist 2 looks to improve on the basic offering that the first game brought to the table. Does it do that? Or is it more of the same?

What’s Changed

When I loaded The Heist 2 for the first time, I wasn’t filled with hope. You’re presented with a near identical garage, with near identical characters offering near identical missions, potential gang members and vehicle upgrades.

Thankfully, though, a fair few things have changed for the better. The ‘specialists’ from the first game now have an actual purpose. They take part in the heists, sit in your vehicle and help fight off the cops – while still being a barrier to progress as they were in the first game, whereby you need one of a certain type to unlock the next mission – and they also now have stats.

Each of your specialist has health, weapon and expertise levels, which increase the more you run missions with them on board. You can also buy weapons and assign them to your specialists, which is immensely useful when it comes to fighting off the pesky Fuzz.

The weapons also have a secondary function – they’re used at the start of each level where you actually get to see and interact, even if a little, with the actual heist. In the first game, the heists were only ever referenced in the flavour text for the missions.

The heist can either go well or poorly (nothing you can do about this, other than pick better-levelled specialists) and you can then manually click on shooting cops on your way to the car. If you’re not careful here, one of your specialists could die -  although you’ll have to be tremendously unlucky for that to happen early on – which brings a welcome change in pace.

The Same Old Story

Sadly, though, once you get into the vehicle, The Heist 2 doesn’t do much to differ from the first game. While the levels are slightly different and present a few more obstacles (i.e., going from two lanes to four and back again), it quickly feels repetitive – which is the biggest complaint I had about the first game – and it still does little to hold your attention.

There is more in the way of progression this time around, at least. Now, as well as being able to level up your specialists, you can also move onto to bigger and better vehicles, each with their own number of seats and health. Vehicle health is important in The Heist 2, as a gaggle of police cars will be able to do significant damage to your vehicle in a short amount of time.

Fortunately, you no longer lose money each time something grazes or gently taps your vehicle. Here your starting money is decided in the little heist minigame at the start of each level and as far as I can see, you don’t actually lose it at all while you’re driving. What you can do, however, is increase the amount of money you finish with – once again by blowing up the cops. Chaining explosions will net you cash bonuses, too – so there’s actually something engaging to do!

The vehicle upgrades themselves have been given a bit of an overhaul. While you can still buy incremental boosts to armour and engine speed, the weapons have been refined into three classes; the slammer, mines, and a turret. Each class has different tiers which start off cheap and get insanely expensive – but also insanely powerful – at higher levels.

Disappointingly, The Heist 2 will still have you repeating the same level a few times while you try to save up enough money to hire the required specialist. To add to that, as nice as the little heist portion at the start of each level is, they’re also identical in each level. So once again we’re left with a game that is fun for a couple of minutes but then quickly becomes repetitive and boring – and yet expects you to keep doing the same stuff over and over until you’ve accrued $5 million!

Final Thoughts

A marginal improvement over the first game, The Heist 2 still leaves a lot to be desired. It’ll be fun for a couple of minutes but will quickly become boring due to how repetitive it is. Two heists, two busts.

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