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Unleash a Crack Crew with Team of Robbers

Team of Robbers Game

Today I’m looking at another flash game, Team of Robbers, created by Pavel Galchenko, Andrey Tyufteev with music from Strekalov Boris under the Armor Games banner. Let’s see what it has to offer.

A Familiar Team

As the name suggests, you'll be playing a combination of four 'robbers' each with their own different skills and shortcomings.

The primary team member is a basic thief. He can unlock doors, crack safes and move at pace. The second character you're introduced to is called "heavy hands" - not the greatest name for a thief - and he's capable of moving heavy objects, which you'll need to block up progress-blocking holes. Oh, and yes, he does look a lot like Heavy from Team Fortress 2.

Third in your squad is the hacker, looking like he walked straight out of Deus Ex, another slow-moving member who's the only one capable of disabling security consoles. Last but not least, Agent 47 from the Hitman series moonlights as your executioner, who can shoot guards with his silenced pistol.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

Switching between characters is done by pressing the 1-4 keys, whereas movement is handled by WASD and the space bar unlocks doors and breaks into safes. There are twenty-four levels to work through. They do get generally more complicated as you progress, although there is the odd dip in difficulty every now and then. Most of the time you'll be using at least three of your crew.

In Team of Robbers, your score starts at 1000 and ticks down each second. Within every level, you need to collect all the loot as quickly as possible. Some will be placed randomly around the level (side point - other games in this genre don't commit to the theme at all and just have coins or stars laying around, here they're actually wads of cash, necklaces and valuable ornaments), others will be hidden within safes. The level ends when you've collected the last of the items. Essentially the levels are timed puzzles. You need to move your characters around in the most efficient way possible in order to get the best score. Sometimes this means moving someone into place while you're waiting for a trap to recede or a guard to wonder out of the way, then switching to Agent 57 (ahem) to dispose of the guard and back again.

Your gang will be confronted with a number of obstacles - including the aforementioned holes, which can be plugged up by 'Heavy Hands', cameras which can either be temporarily skirted around or disabled at a security console, laser grids (again, these can be disabled at the security consoles), spike traps that pop up and recede and patrolling guards. You need to think on your feet to do well and achieve higher scores. Your characters can become an obstacle in themselves, which can be especially problematic on levels with narrow corridors. You also need to be wary of leaving characters in view of patrolling guards.

It’s no Bob the Robber

Team of Robbers Game Play

Which is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. Team of Robbers could have easily been created with just a single character who can do all of these things (like Bob) and it would have still been a serviceable game - however, it would have lost a mechanic which sets it apart and introduces an extra level of complexity.

Another point in its favour is that Team of Robbers doesn't punish people for not playing the game 'optimally' - that's left completely up to you. You can either play it to simply get through each level - which won't become difficult until the last few levels but will still be fun - or you can try and get the best score possible. Not everyone is looking for a difficult game - and had they gone the route of setting fixed time limits, I think the game would have suffered.

I do have a couple of complaints although they're only small ones. First and foremost, some of the levels are designed in such a way as to be annoying. By this, I mean the developers make you take one of your characters from one extreme corner to the other just to eat your time - which is a good tool for ratcheting up the tension if you're going for the best score possible - but if you're just looking to play the levels, it does feel a little grating by the third or fourth time you notice it.

This is compounded by the slower characters being much slower than the actual burglar - and it's normally those that have to cover the most distance to make sure he can get around the level.

The only other minor complaint I have is a lack of difficulty. The cameras don’t move, the guards are a bit blind and the traps are again there more to eat up time and make you wait as opposed to fail. For me, once each character has been introduced, the first ten levels could be done away with. Team of Robbers doesn’t feel like it gets going until the eleventh or twelfth level.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Team of Robbers is a fun little robbery game that actually remembers to stick to the theme throughout each step of design. It's certainly better than a lot of the dross that ends up on steam - and for a free flash game you really can't ask for anything more.

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