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Team of Robbers 2

I enjoyed Team of Robbers when I played it and I’m expecting to enjoy Team of Robbers 2 just as much as, strictly speaking, sequels to flash games tend not to change too much. More of the same is not always a bad thing – but will I be left disappointed?

The Team is Back… Or not

What’s this? Some of the characters are different! I suspect, in a move to stave off DMCA claims from certain Japanese publishers, the developers felt the changes were necessary. In the instance of the hacker, we now have a female character (although, going back to the first game, it’s hard to tell the gender of the hacker) who reminds me of Becky Lynch (hi, wrestling fans!) Mechanically, she’s the same as in the first game.

Agent 57, Agent 47’s twin brother, however, appears to have left the team. Or maybe there was a brotherly argument. Anyway, he’s not part of the team and his position has been occupied by someone completely a different – a grizzled, bearded demolitions expert. This character is now used to blow up highlighted sections of wall, meaning there’s no way to dispose of security guards.

Just in case you haven’t played Team of Robbers (do it, it’s fun), the aim is to use your available team members to collect all the loot within each level as quickly as possible (or, if you prefer, just do it in your own time) to get the highest score possible.

You’ll have to get around holes in the floor, spike traps, security systems, guards and locks using each of your characters’ strengths. You have a burglar who can pick locks, Becky Lynch who can hack computers, a strong guy that plug holes in the floor with heavy boxes, and the previously mentioned, newly initiated demolitions expert.

A Change for the Meh

Having to wait for patrolling guards actually slows a few of the levels right down. In the first game, you could get everyone in position, then select the hitman character and get rid of the guard, then swap back and carry on. Now, you can spend a good ten seconds just waiting for a guard to slowly walk from one end of a corridor to another before you can sneak behind them – what’s worse is that on most levels you have to do this a couple of times.

This, for me, is the change that sticks at the front of my mind and it’s not a positive one. Thankfully, most of the other noticeable changes are an improvement.

Team of Robbers 2: Changes for the Better

Changes for the Better

Character speed has been tweaked. Either the thief has been slowed down a little in comparison to the others, or the others have been sped up. Regardless, the difference in movement speed between the burglar and the other three is much smaller in Team of Robbers 2, and it makes using the strong dude, hacker and bomb-man less annoying this time around. New obstacles have also been added. You’ll meet them early on, too. There are now gates that open only via pressure switches, requiring you to 'park' one of your characters on a switch to open the gate, while another one gets inside. This is a natural evolution for Team of Robbers, which had you parking characters around the map anyway.

Keys have also been added to the game. These will need to be collected in order for the burglar to open unpickable doors. A good idea that adds yet another mechanic to the game and keeps the levels feeling fresh and staves off the feeling of repetitiveness.

There seems to be a little more variation in team composition this time. Sometimes you'll be put on a harder level with only two team members. I feel this is something that the first game could have done to make earlier levels a little harder, and I'm glad they've decided to change things up every so often. The improvements to the graphics and aesthetics have really made some of the levels a lot easier to navigate, visually. In the first game, some of the levels were white walls on top of white floors on top of white objects - they weren't the easiest to understand quickly. This time, more contrasting colours have been used and it’s helped the game.

I'm in two minds about the changes made in Team of Robbers 2. They're not massive and they certainly don't ruin the game for people who enjoyed the first one, however I don't think that replacing the Hitman character with one who can blow up walls is an entirely positive one. It slows the levels with guards in right down. I understand that they may have felt like they had to make changes to the appearance, I just feel I would have preferred them to retain the mechanics of the fourth character, like they did with the hacker.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed Team of Robbers, I think you'll enjoy this sequel. The level design is just as clever and the improvement to character speed makes the more complicated ones a little less frustrating. They haven't meddled with too many parts of the game just for the sake of it - they realised what worked and obviously changed the areas they thought could be improved. Whether that was 100% a success is another matter. It's still better than the average Steam Greenlight or Early Access game, though.

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I enjoyed Team of Robbers when I played it and I'm expecting to enjoy Team of Robbers 2 just as much as, strictly speaking, sequels to flash games tend not to change too much. More of the same is not always a bad thing - but will I be left disappointed?

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