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Bob The Robber 2

Bob the Robber was a neat little stealth/puzzle/platformer game. My main complaint was that with just five levels, it was much too short. So have Meow Beast made a longer but just as fun experience this time around with Bob the Robber 2? Let’s find out!

What’s Changed

This time around, Meow Beast have designed ten levels rather than the meagre five in the original. So that’s a good start – the short nature of the original was my chief complaint. The other benefit of more levels is that the game doesn’t suddenly go from dead easy to difficult within a few minutes, making it easier for average players (like me) to work their way through it.

There’s now a shop where you can buy gadgets to help you get past surveillance and out of tricky situations, such as the polaroid camera with a flash so bright it can disable CCTV cameras.

These new upgrades can be placed in three shortcut slots, triggered by the Z, X and C keys which adds a little more complexity to the gameplay.

Now when you go to pick a lock or interfere with an electrical box a brand new minigame pops up (I’m not sure whether this is a positive change as they get extremely repetitive very quickly) and when you knock someone out you now see a timer so you know exactly when they’re going to wake up.

That last change is a controversial one for me. Knocking guards out in Bob the Robber 2 has literally no consequence. As a result, they have just about destroyed the stealth aspect of their stealth/puzzle/platformer. There’s absolutely no consequence or risk to knocking someone out. You’d think when they wake up they’d raise the alarm. Sadly, all they do is go about their business like aliens abducted them and wiped their memory.

Bob The Robber 2: Game Play

In broader terms, this makes sections of the games that would have been challenging in the original trivial in the sequel, and that’s a real shame.

What Hasn’t Changed

The art style, thankfully, hasn’t been messed with too much. The graphical fidelity has been worked on, which does nothing but help its overall presentation. The music has sadly been toned down a little this time – I must have been in the minority in liking it – and the level design follows a similar philosophy.

The level objectives are still the same – you have to reach the objective surrounded by arrows and try not to set four alarms off in the process - otherwise its game over.

There’ still the same balance between times where it’s best to plan ahead your next few movements, and others where you just have to go for it and rely on the speed of your own reflexes, which was one of the better characteristics of the original.

Wrapping Up

I wish they hadn’t implemented that knock-out timer. I wish guards acted rationally when they came back around and didn’t just carry on as if nothing happened to them. It does actually ruin the game. That’s a massive shame because otherwise Bob the Robber 2 would have been a good step forward. As it is I actually found it less fun than the first one.

Perhaps Bob the Robber needs a career change.

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