Daddy Was A Thief Mobile Game Review for Android & iOS

Daddy Was A Thief

Daddy Was a Thief: A Downward Spiral

Daddy was a Thief, by Rebel Twins, is an action/platforming hybrid that departs from the traditional mobile model by making the game one endless level rather than splitting it into dozens of quick levels that reward star ratings upon completion – but does a lack of depth hamper it?


An out of luck, unemployed father is desperate for money. Somehow, he came to the realisation that his ample backside was capable of smashing through walls, floors and, most importantly, bank vaults. After escaping from the bank, it’s your job to guide the bootylicious dad down through an endless tower apartment block, collecting as much gold on the way as possible.

There’s no way to finish the level, as it’s one of the endless games – the aim is to simply get the highest score possible before you run afoul of the law.

A Thief with a Useful Backside

The controls are as simple as can be. Slide up to jump over objects or NPCs, slide down to use your derriere to bust through the floor or break an object. It’s a silly idea but one that has its own charm. It’s a shame that Rebel Games don’t do more with the actual storyline – the only hint you’re given about it is a simple, single introductory screen showing him getting fired. Continue Reading

Release Date: 09/04/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Little Mechanics

Where Daddy was a Thief is strong is in the small nuances and mechanics regarding how the character interacts with objects within the apartments he’s butt-busting his way through. Breaking open objects such as wardrobes, dressers and TVs will reveal extra loot, while sturdier objects will require a couple of goes at breaking open – and often these items will contain a great deal of bonus coins.

Plunging arse first into a bathtub will allow you to break through several levels in super quick fashion, which helps a little with the feeling of repetitiveness. It’s also possible for your character to become encased in a block of ice, which leaves you temporarily sliding around levels. It’s also possible to be shrunk by randomly placed shrink rays, which is frustrating more than anything else as it makes you less capable of jumping and also slows down your progress when breaking through objects and floors.

Then there are the NPCs to worry about – there’s beat cops armed with truncheons, more dangerous and trigger happy armed officers, and the surprisingly funny ninja-grannies who are capable of bouncing you up a floor – getting caught by the police ends the run, whereas the granny can be a blessing in disguise if you went down a level before you meant to.

Although the game doesn’t do a great job of making you realise it, each run is actually randomly generated – which is for the best as if it weren’t I can’t imagine the average person playing it more than a handful of times.

Beauty in Motion

Despite the negatives, Daddy was a Thief is a highly polished experience. The performance is smooth as butter and control responsiveness is on point. The art style isn’t anything new on mobile, but it is very well animated and pleasantly coloured.

It’s a very quick game that requires you to pay attention to what’s going on – so it’s certainly not a passive experience – which helps keep the enjoyment levels up.

A Very Small, Shallow Pond

As I’ve hinted at throughout the review so far, Daddy was a Thief is not big on depth. While there are some nice little mechanics, there’s nothing that’s going to keep you coming back. Once you’ve reached a decent distance you’ve seen everything that the game has to offer, and there aren’t going to be any more surprises.

There’s no continuation of the story, and while there are powerups (mostly aimed at skipping further down the endless tower quickly), they don’t do anything to change the experience.

As a result, Daddy was a Thief becomes a repetitive experience rather quickly, but there’s also one other major problem with it. A lot of mobile games are aimed at short, quick bursts of gameplay – something for people to do while they’re ‘otherwise disposed’, on a bus or waiting for the next class/meeting. The problem is that once you’re gotten a little experience with Daddy was a Thief, the levels drag on. It’s easily possible to be playing a single run for over ten minutes, which takes it way past the usual target that mobile developers are looking for per cycle of gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Daddy was a Thief is a fun game that just didn’t quite do enough to keep me entertained past the first couple of runs. It’s available on iOS AND Google Play for free, although it does contain microtransactions. It’s a briefly entertaining exercise in putting an overly large posterior to good use while you’re sat on yours.

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Daddy Was A Thief is developed by Rebel twins.